Our Sukkot are made of high quality materials, making them last many years. Some of our first Sukkot are still in use, and that's over 30 years!


Our frames are made of Duragal Steel, a material that's protected against corrosion. In addition our 'joint connectors' are also zinc plated to protect against corrosion.


Our covers are made of a plastic canvas called Canvacom 5000, strong and durable. It comes in a variety of colours, but the most popular ones for a Sukkah are blue or white. The covers come with a large clear fixed window that allows looking into your nice garden, swimming pool or to views, depending on where you have chosen to erect the Sukkah.


The Canvacom 5000 is a much denser material compared to competitors, providing you superior protection from the wind. It's light to carry and easy to store.